HC Andersen Marathon

H.C. Andersen Marathon - the route


The route has to be run twice.

The route will be free of traffic during a period of 6 hours and you will run in the streets of Odense, as the race is a genuine City Marathon.
The route is measured according to the rules of IAAF and A.I.M.S.





At Odense Sport Center - turn left
Stadionvej – turn right
Rugårdsvej – turn left
Åløkke Allé – turn left
Næsbyvej – turn right
Næsbyhovedvej – at
Kanalvej – turn left
Gammelsø – turn left
Toldbodgade – turn left
Havnegade – turn right
Helsingborggade – turn left
Tolderlundsvej – turn right
Göteborggade - to
Victoriagade – turn left
Windelsvej – turn right
Drejøgade - turn right
Ærøgade - turn left
Lyøgade – turn right
Skibhusvej – turn left
Thomas B. Thriges Gade – turn
Albani Torv - turn right
Flakhaven - turn left
Vestergade - rechts auf
Kongensgade – turn right
Slotsgade - turn left
Jernbanegade – turn left
Vindegade – turn left
Pantheonsgade - turn left
Vestergade – turn right 
Mageløs – turn right
Holsedore – turn right 
Filosoffen – turn left
Munke Mose – turn right
Sadolinsgade – turn right
Lahnsgade – turn left
Langelinie - turn left
Kastanievej - turn right
Læssøegade - turn right
Finsens Allé - turn right
Sadolinsgade - turn left 
Kastanievej - turn left
Sdr. Boulevard – turn right
J.B. Windsløws Vej – turn right 
Heden - turn right 
Falen - turn left
Haugstedgade - turn left
Roersvej - to 
Falen - turn right
Kløvermosevej - turn right
Middelfartvej – turn left
Stadionvej – turn left 
Højstrupvej - turn right
Møllemarksvej to
Finish in Odense Athletic Stadium