HC Andersen Marathon


- by HCA Marathon 2017


When the traditional HCA Marathon and ½ Marathon kicks off Sunday, October 1, 2017 it will be with a partially new set-up.

For 11 years, the event featured a separate start for women at ½ marathon distance, a start, there was an hour earlier than the men's start at the same distance. When HCA Marathon in 2006 introduced this pure field of women at ½ marathon, was the only event of its kind in the world and supported many women's run, which emerged in the period. Now there are a number of women's run at the ½ marathon and women's races seem not so interesting anymore. Furthermore, there has in recent years been many inquiries as to whether women and men had to run HCA ½ Marathon together, since many couples have fun run that common interest, and therefore would like to share the experience together.

It is now possible since both sexes can run together at the 18th edition of the event Sunday, October 1st with common start time at. 10:00. From the organizer side, we hope that this change will provide event attended by many couples who want to have a good running experience together in the Funen fairytale. It can also been a parent with a young person who would like to try to run the fastest marathon route in Scandinavia.