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7/29/2020 COVID-19 // MARATHON 2020

- status July 29, 2020

Status regarding Hans Christian Andersen Marathon 2020


Dear participant, volunteers and collaborator


Thank you for your faith and interest in the Hans Christian Andersen Marathon (HCA Marathon) as we have planned to run on September 27, 2020.


We currently have agreements in place regarding everything that is essential for running the HCA Marathon 2020:


- the route is approved by the municipality and the police (Same as 2019)

- many volunteers have already contacted us and put a mark in their calendar

- we already have agreements with the majority of the suppliers who will deliver for the race


We are therefore in a situation where we are ready to do the HCA Marathon on 27th September 2020, but before we can finally announce, we have to wait for the negotiations on the next phase of the reopening, valid from 1 September 2020 onwards.


We do not know when the conditions for the next phase of the reopening are in place, but we expect to decide on whether we will run the HCA Marathon or not in mid-August.


Unfortunately, there is no doubt that if we are allowed to do the HCA Marathon 2020, it will be a different event than the first 20 times, but we hope that we will have your understanding of this.


Until we know the authorities' announcements, we can state the following:


Cancellation - start number

In case of cancellation, the start number can be transferred to 2021 or the amount paid, excluding Sportstiming's fee will be refunded.


Price increase

The planned price increase on 1st August 2020 is postponed until we know if there will be an HCA Marathon 2020. After announcing this, there will be a week to make the registration at the current price.


Contact the office

Until there is a clarification on whether we can complete the HCA Marathon on 27 September 2020, the office will only be open on Wednesday, which is why mail and telephone will not be answered the other days.


We regret that we cannot be more precise at this stage but as an organizer we are 100% dependent on the authorities' announcements and it is also in our interest that the HCA Marathon 2020 is organized in a way that all participants can feel 100% safe and secure by participating.


We wish you all good luck with your training and hope to welcome you to the 21st edition of the HCA Marathon on September 27, 2020.


Yours sincerely

Hans Christian Andersen Marathon



Erik J. Mogensen

Race Director

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